12 CFAs = $59 Million in Projects for NYS

As the 2018 CFA season officially comes to an end, we here at Upper Edge Consulting would officially like to declare: WE SURVIVED! 2018 has proven to be a record year here at Upper Edge because in this season alone we nearly doubled our submissions from 2017 to being able to submit a grand total of 12 CFA applications for a multitude of projects and programs! With all applications combined, we applied for over $14 million is project funds that are all part of nearly $59 million worth of projects being brought to New York State!

Clearly we have had our hands full these past few weeks, but there is truly nothing more satisfying than being able to hit that submit button at the end of the whole application process. Another one of our favorite rituals here at Upper Edge is also of course drawing that anticipated check mark on one of our many handcrafted checklists!

At this time Upper Edge would also like to thank all of our clients for their trust and patience throughout this entire process. The long hours and endless email chains may be over for the moment but now lies ahead the greatest challenge of all: THE WAIT!

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