How Do We Find Grants – Instrumentl

The name is spelled in a “unique” way, and the database we use for most of our grant searches is unique in helping us find and evaluate funds for all our clients.

We began using Instrumentl in 2018.  There are many grant databases out there – the Foundation Directory, Grants Watch, etc.  All were good, but a bit clunky and it was difficult to communicate what we found with our clients.  Instrumentl allows for powerful searches that include targeted geographies, up to 10 search terms simultaneously and a calendar format that keeps us from missing deadlines. 

Our clients have loved the way we can share our searches with them in easy-to-read formats. 

And we can keep track of the work we have done within the database itself. 

I feel like the use of this (admittedly quite expensive) database has taken our game to the next level in terms of search capability, organization, and communication. 

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