How Do We Find Grants –

  The federal grant site has evolved greatly since I started using it in 2010.  It is a powerful database for all announcements regarding federal funds, an easy-to-use (once you understand it) interface to submit grants, and it is packed with tutorials and guidance materials on finding grants and targeting your message.

The site is large, complex, and can be quite intimidating when first viewed.  But the daily email about grant opportunities is one of the most powerful tools for both a grant writer and an organization looking for funds.  Each morning when I wake up (yes, even on the weekends) I open the email from listing all the opportunities.  Some days, there are 20-30 or more.  Other days, just one or two.  But getting these announcements in bite-size, up-to-date format is infinitely easier than searching through the site.  

If you are new to grants and grant writing, one of the first things I urge you to do is create a free profile at and sign up for the daily newsletter.  In it, you will find a wealth of information.  In a later post, I’ll talk about DUNS and SAM, necessary steps before applying for most federal grants.

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