How Do We Find Grants – Grants Gateway

Last time we talked about the federal website for grant funding.  Today I want to profile New York State’s interface—Grants Gateway.

The concept is the same as—one website where you can search for and learn about funding opportunities offered throughout all the departments in State government, along with the interface to apply for those funding opportunities.

There is one difference that is notable though.  Grants Gateway is also a database for non-profits and other entities to register and maintain an interactive file with all the relevant documents that are so often needed when applying for funds (990 forms, audited financials, lists of board members, etc).

This is called the Document Vault, and it is the first step in applying for funds through the Grants Gateway interface.  Non-profit organizations that have not already, should get registered and populate their Document Vault right away.  After you submit, it takes time to approve.  Then your documents must be updated on a regular basis in order to stay qualified to apply for any state funds. 

The Document Vault, and Grants Gateway itself, are not the most intuitive and user-friendly sites we have worked with, but the good news is the technical support staff is responsive and friendly. 

We work with our clients to populate and get the Document Vault approved, search for and apply for funding on Grants Gateway.  It may not be easy to use, but it is worth the effort because the payout for a State grant can make all the difference in funding your project!

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