Grant Writing

We work with the great majority of our clients on a long-term basis.  Our contracts are offered on a one- or two-year term rate at a monthly flat fee.*  After an initial meeting to understand your needs and funding priorities, we do a deep dive into research to find the best grant opportunities.  Then we review those opportunities with you on a regular basis—most clients choose to hold a monthly prospect meeting, and some like to meet more often.  Regardless of what works best for you, we’re always easily reachable. When we agree on moving forward with an application, if applicable we reach out to the funder to discuss your project, then author the application on your behalf and, with your approval, submit the application in a timely fashion.  We typically author 1 grant per month per client, but there are times when that can go up to 2-3 per month depending on your projects and the timing of available opportunities.

During the time we work together, we constantly refine our research to reflect your changing needs.  We talk with you about the pros and cons of different opportunities, and we keep abreast of the ever-changing trends in grant funding, particularly now with the uncertainty in our economic climate.

Single Applications and RFPs

From time to time we will take on a project that consists of a single application.  This is done at the discretion of our staff and is entirely based on the potential of the project and the funding streams available.  Flat fees for single applications are based on the funding source, whether it is state government, federal government, corporate or a private foundation.  Please reach out to us for a discussion of your needs and pricing.

Grant Management

We provide complete grant management for an additional fee.  This includes setting up a system to track expenditures, communicating with the funding source and working with your staff to complete all reporting requirements and submit in a timely fashion.  For municipalities this also includes any additional work you need to help draft authorization or funding resolutions and draw down requests or other administration as required for your town/city/county protocols.

Want to know how to get started?

Reach out to us today, and let’s set up a call to discuss your needs. We can then do a very quick initial search to make sure there are opportunities out there for your project or organization before we provide you a proposal. You can reach our President, Diana Cihak at

*We do not work on a contingency or percentage basis because for most government grants that is illegal, and for private and corporate foundation grants that practice is frowned upon.  The average amount that our clients end up spending with us for the dollar amount they receive in grants is under 4%